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Manta Point & Nusa Penida

Manta Point & Nusa Penida 


Nusa Penida is a stunning island located 50 km east of Sanur (Bali), known for its breathtaking natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. The area consists of three islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan).

With its pristine coral reefs, stunning cliffs, and rich marine life, Nusa Penida has become a popular destination for divers seeking close encounters with Manta Rays, Mola (Sunfish), Green sea turtles, Hawksbill turtles, Reef sharks, Eagles rays, Moray eels etc.  

The main attraction is the famous Manta Point, a large bay located off the southern cliffs of Penida Island. At this location, you can find a few rocky pinnacles that serve as cleaning stations, where cleaner fish remove parasites from the bodies of these gentle giants. This phenomenon can be seen all year round.

At Crystal Bay, with its amazing variety of sea life, you can encounter the rare Mola (Sunfish) during the colder months (July-November).

Mangrove/Sakenan, SD Point, Pura PED and Toyapakeh dive sites are known for diverse range of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life. As we drift along the beautiful, healthy coral carpets we encounter schools of tropical fish like snappers, parrotfish, triggerfish and nudibranchs – a true paradise for photographers.

The choice of dive sites depends on the conditions as the current can get very strong and unpredictable and high ocean waves sometimes prevent safe diving in some places.

We pick you up from your hotel and drive to Sanur port where we board a speedboat around 8am, the boat ride takes around 1h to reach Manta Point. We do 3 dives in the area, with lunch being served after the second dive. We aim to be back at Sanur port around 4pm. 

Dive sites:

  • Manta Point
  • Manta Bay
  • Crystal Bay
  • Toyapakeh
  • SD Point
  • Ped
  • Mangrove
  • Sakenan

Trip itinerary:

  • Pick-up from hotel (7.15am – 7.45am depends of the location)
  • Depart Sanur around 8:30am
  • Arrive at Manta Point around 9:30 am
  • 1st dive
  • Snacks, coffee, tea
  • 2nd dive (Crystal Bay, Toyapakeh or SD Point) 
  • Lunch an the boat
  • 3rd dive (SD Point, Mangrove, Sakenan)
  • Back to Sanur and drop to your hotel around 4pm

Price: 190 USD

Price includes:

  • 3 dives in different location included Manta Point (if the weather permits)
  • All land and sea transfers
  • All scuba diving equipment rental
  • Lunch, water, coffee and tea, snacks
  • Professional guides
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